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One of the Best Trailer Repair Service

At Zammit Trailers, we provide the best Trailer Repairs in Melbourne. We offer complete servicing, maintenance and repairs for all kinds of Trailers, including Trailers not supplied by us. Our team of Experienced Mechanics, Engineers and Metal Fabricators can handle all maintenance and repairs from our fully equipped manufacturing facility and workshop in Melbourne.

Trailer Servicing and Maintenance

Like your car, Trailers require regular servicing to ensure they’re operating safely and efficiently. Servicing ensures that the Trailer is roadworthy, all safety components are in proper working order, the Trailer is running smoothly and that all other parts are operating correctly. Regular servicing can also provide a smooth ride and improve fuel efficiency while towing. We recommend having your Trailer serviced every six months.

We provide comprehensive servicing that includes brakes and suspension, wheels and tyres, couplings, electrics, opening and tipping mechanisms and other relevant components.

Standard Servicing:

Zammit Trailers offer Standard Servicing on all Trailers whether Manufactured by us or not however Zammit Trailers have Priority Servicing. Our Service includes;
  • Brake Servicing
  • Tyre Pressure Check
  • Wheel Nut Tightening
  • Grease Packing
  • Wheel Bearing Clearances
  • Tension U-Bolts
  • Electrical Testing
Available on all makes and models of Trailers on our Site at 93 Lock Avenue, Werribee VIC 3030.

Trailer Repairs

Whether you’ve been in an accident, something has broken or you’ve just noticed some wear and tear, we can help. We offer comprehensive Trailer repairs on all kinds of domestic, commercial and industrial Trailers, whether they are Zammit brand Trailers or not.

We can also handle insurance claims if your Trailer has been in an accident. We work with our customers to ensure that all repair work is carried out to the highest standards.

We also offer complete Trailer customisation services. From adding Jerry Can or Spare Wheel Holders to improving Trailer storage or upgrading the brakes or suspension, we can customise your Trailer to improve functionality, make it more secure or make it easier to load or tow.

Camper Trailer Repairs

If you’re looking for Camper Trailer repairs in Melbourne, we can help. We offer comprehensive servicing and repairs for all types and brands of Camper Trailer. From general servicing and maintenance to repairs and upgrades, we can make sure your Camper Trailer is in perfect working order before that next big camping trip.

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At Zammit Trailers, we are Melbourne’s premier Custom Trailer manufacturer. We design, build, sell and repair a wide range of Trailers. To book a service or repair job, get a free quote or find out more about what we do, give us a call on 0425 804 525 or contact us online today.